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Head Corporate Sales

Gasafe India Registered in 1997 having ISO 9000:2008 is a leading Total Quality Assurance service provider to gas agencies in india
Our network of more than 100 employees, delivers innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions for our customers’ operations and supply chains.

Clients in Gujarat

Gayatri Gas - Bharat Gas
P.B Patel - Bharat Gas
Apna Bazar - Indane
Gokul Gas - Indane
Saif Gas - HP
Divine Gas - Bharat
Maruti Gas - Indane
Kamlesh C. Shah - HP
Naimish Gas - Indane
CR & Sons - Bharat
Hapy Home Appliances - Indane
Guru Kripa Gas - Indane
Jyoti Gas - Bharat
Yogi Gas - Bharat
Payal Gas - Bharat
Anuj Indane - Indane
R.K Gas - Bharat
Vinay Gas - Bharat
Sri Ram Gas - Indane

Clients in New Delhi

K2 International - Indane
Chandrakala - Indane
Sona Enterprises - Indane
Chandani Gas - Indane
Babarpur Gas - Indane
Fairways Store - HP

Mandatory LPG Inspection

Mandatory inspection for LPG installations at households have to be conducted by all LPG distributors every 2 years to ensure safe use of LPG by customers. Rate to be paid for mandatory inspection is fixed based on the number of burners in the LPG stove. Mandatory inspection charges have been revised with effect from 01 July 2017 to include GST rates. Rates subsequent to the revision are as follows: · Mandatory Inspection of domestic installation (GST@18%)